A Liberty style building from the early 1900s with stucco, stained glass and a minimalist decor giving space to the avant garde design of the lighting.
Two great works by Alessandro Mendini create an exceptional backdrop to a wide range of products from the most important Italian and foreign brands. A long-established collaboration with renowned architects has allowed the realisation of internal and external projects in various types of space, from a beauty farm to private residences to commercial showrooms.

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The entire history of Caprotti has taken place in the heart of Monza, in via Carlo Alberto. Enrico Caprotti, the founder, opened the first electrical shop at no. 37, in 1927. The shop then moved into, at the time no. 20, a much larger shop with three front display windows. There it remained until 1938, when it came time to move once again, only this time to the opposite side of the street to a shop with seven front display windows. Here it would remain until 1968, when it would move to its current location at no. 50, an historic early century palazzo, formerly the Bank of Italy building.

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